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Noff & Nana

Dog Deli Bag

Dog Deli Bag

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Our Dog Deli Bag, the perfect assortment of both short and long-lasting treats for your beloved pet. Packed in a convenient resealable bag, you can keep these natural, high-quality treats fresh and easily accessible for your furry friend. With a mix of delicious flavours and textures, this bag is sure to keep your pup entertained and satisfied.

The Dog Deli Bag Contains the following:

1 Pigs Ear (35g)

2 Chicken Feet (20g)

4 Beef & Chicken Sausages (60g)

1 Pig In Blanket (30g)

1 Black Pudding Stick (50g)

Roast Beef Pieces 50g

Net weight 245g

Suitable for dogs 6 months and above

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