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Ava Avacado Eco Dog Toy

Ava Avacado Eco Dog Toy

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Ava the Avocado. (Tooo… Cute)

Made from a suede with natural jute and coconut fibre stuffing.

Crafted from sustainable jute, a natural plant fibre, and enveloped in a gentle suede covering, this toy boasts durability without the use of any harmful compounds that might be released during chewing. Jute is completely biodegradable, and the suede serves as a valuable by-product, ensuring minimal waste in its production process.

This item is designed for play purposes only and is not intended for consumption. It's essential to supervise your pets while they play with toys. If your dog attempts to ingest any fragments or portions of the toy, please remove it immediately. These toys are not suitable for machine washing, and it's important to remember that no toy is completely immune to damage.

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