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Noff & Nana

Frickin' Bats 3D Sailor Bow

Frickin' Bats 3D Sailor Bow

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Autumn/Halloween 2023

Spooky Season is officially here, so why not celebrate with some spook-tacular sailor bows?

These bows feature 3D embellishments to really amp up the spook factor!

Sailor Bows feature a Velcro strip to easily attach to a collar. The Velcro strip is supplied at a longer length for wider collars, but you can easily cut it to size if you need it at a shorter length.


*Please note: I will always endeavour to ensure that the fabric pattern is visible, and centrally positioned on your items. However, with small and extra small sizes,  this is not always possible with some of the larger fabric patterns.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me on Instagram ( or email at



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