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Noff & Nana

The Noff & Nana Pet-Sitter Handbook

The Noff & Nana Pet-Sitter Handbook

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The Noff & Nana Pet-Sitter Handbook is perfect for you to provide your live-in sitter with all of the information they're going to need about not only your four legged friend, but also your home!

The A4 sized handbook will hold information for up to four different pets, and provides you with space to provide emergency contact details, vet details. medical information, daily and weekly schedules, pets likes and dislikes, and loads more!

There are even pages for you to write down household information for your sitter - like how to use the washing machine, and what the Wi-Fi password is - we've thought of everything so you don't need to. Plus, storing all of your information in one hardback book means that your sitter knows exactly where to look for any important info, and you can keep the book stored on your bookshelf for the next time it's neeeded!

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